Why Choose All-Pro Home Inspection?



The most important thing for a home buyer, and home sellers, to find is an inspector that offers a thorough and quality home inspection.  All-Pro Home Inspection offers these services for each and every home we inspect. 

We take great pride in treating each inspection with the highest attention to detail as possible. Our inspector takes the time to not only communicate with our client, but to answer their questions and address their concerns about their potential investment. 

Time is also taken with the client well after the inspection is finished when writing the report.  Details, diagrams, pictures, and any additional information is added to the report to create a quality product that our customer’s deserve.

At All-Pro Home Inspection we plan our inspections around your needs and are available for your questions before, during, as well as after the inspection. 

We will not rush our home inspections as well as explaining maintenance requirements for the major systems throughout the home.  It is vitally important that you are informed and understand the home you are buying. 

At the end of the inspection you will be provided a booklet as well as a CD outlining home care tips, a seasonal maintenance checklist, and an average life expectancy manual of everything in the home. 

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